What to Expect


Coming face to face with a great white shark in Gansbaai is a incredible experience one that your unlikely to forget.

A summary of the trip

  • Once in Gansbaai (see our various Transport options on how to get there) you will be provided with a light breakfast
  • Guests receive a pre-trip safety briefing about what to expect during the trip and a bit of background on great white sharks
  • After the safety briefing you will board the boat for the trip out to the dive location
  • The travel time to the dive location is about 15 minutes
  • The trip takes about 3-4 hours once anchored
  • After returning to port guests will have a short debrief and a celebratory beverage to toast the occasion!

What to expect in the water

Diving takes place on a rotational basis and on good diving days, it is possible for each diver to take more than one dive. The duration of each dive depends on the diver and the activity of the sharks, but could be up to 20-25 minutes per dive.

We make use of a specially designed, secure, steel cage, which floats on the surface, with our divers no more than 1m below the surface.

What you could see

Besides Great White Sharks you could see other wildlife species such as Cape Fur Seals, Cape Gannets, Cape Cormorants, Jackass penguins, Southern Right Whales and Dolphins.

Great White sharks are surface feeders, providing brilliant surface viewing for our waiting divers or our non-divers from the comfort of the shark-viewing deck of the boat, where exhilarating photographs and video footage may be captured, at close range.

On any given day, we also usually see at least two or more members of the Marine Big Five – sharks, dolphins, whales, seals and penguins, as well as several bird species.